Academic Journals

Computer Apex

PG Department of Computer Sc & IT is publishing annual referred journal with titled “Computer Apex” with ISSN No: 2249-6688. The current volume is 6.

Commerce Spectrum

A journal of commerce and business studies bearing ISSN 2249-992X is the annual publication of the PG Department of commerce and management, Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar. The aim of the journal is to disseminate knowledge in the area of trade, commerce, business and management practices. The journal focuses on theoretical, applied and inters disciplinary research. It has been upgraded to International journal of Commerce and business Studies in the year 2013.

 Bio. Technology

Indian Journal of Bio-Technology and Bio-Engineering bearing ISSN 2249-328X is the annual publication of the PG Department of Bio. Technology, Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar.

 House Journals


The annual college magazine, aims at giving the budding writers a platform for expression of their thoughts and ideas. The purpose of the magazine is to give opportunity to the students to explore their latent talents for many scribes lie hidden beneath shy faces: those who think and write; those who give voice to their inner most thoughts.

The magazine has six sections, The English Section, Hindi Section, Punjabi Section, Sanskrit Section, Science Section and Commerce section. Each section has a teacher editor and a student editor who selects and polishes the received articles, stories and poems. The students get a good readership and enjoy seeing their name in print. Besides the writing skills students also get an opportunity to display their fine arts in the Arts section.


The HMV News an annual publication of the institution, meant only for internal circulation, is a news bulletin focusing on the activities and achievements of the institution and by and large covering nearly all activities in academic, co-curricular as well the field of sports. The academic record highlights the university positions as well as the merit positions. A brief account of the student’s participation and achievements in inter- college and inter class activities helps to provide motivation to others. In-campus activities detailed here bear testimony to the fact that the campus is vibrant throughout the year celebrating various occasions and organizing major functions like the annual fete, Awards day and convocation. The bulletin also records the seminars, conferences, workshops/ extension lectures organized by various departments from time to time.