The General Rules and Regulations...


Code of Conduct

  • The student must always carry the I card
  • Read Notice Board daily
  • Use of Mobile phone is prohibited in academic areas
  • The student cannot leave the campus before the 6th period
  • The student must maintain swachhata in college
  • Be humble with the office staff
  • Be polite to juniors and respectful to seniors
  • Make extensive use of the library
  • Not deface college property
  • Park the vehicles in the parking space only

Rules for Attendance & Examination

  • 75% of the attendance is mandatory according to university norms.
  • In case of shortage, the student will be detained.
  • Appearing in-house tests & scoring 25% marks in aggregate is mandatory. In case of a medical emergency
    the student has to get her to leave sanctioned as per rules.

Rules for Leave

  • Leave must be applied for on the prescribed form available at the College Utility Store/General Office.
  • Medical leave to be applied within three days of joining the college after getting verified by the
    College Doctor.

Rules for Prizes

  • Awards will be given to the students who:
  • Secure first position in aggregate in University.
  • First position in aggregate in college in University exam

General Prizes

  • Best Student of the Year
  • Best Student of Arts & B.Sc. Eco. Faculty
  • Best Student of Commerce at UG Level
  • Best Student of Commerce at PG Level
  • Best Student of Science at UG Level
  • Best Student of Science at PG Level
  • Best Student of Computer Department
  • Best Student of Music Vocal at UG Level
  • Best Student of Music Vocal at PG Level
  • Best Student at PG Level
  • Best NCC Cadet of the Year
  • Best NSS Volunteer of the Year
  • Best Speaker
  • Best Student in Dancing
  • Best Student in Acting
  • Best Student of Youth Welfare Department
  • Best Student Parti ci pant of Youth Wel f are Activities
  • Best Student of Fine Arts
  • Best Table Tennis Player
  • Cent. % marks in University exam
  • Cent. % attendance

If a student absents herself from the college without leave for ten days continuously, her the name will be struck off from the college rolls. She may be re-admitted on payment of Rs.2000/- up to ten days and Rs.5000/- up to thirty days.