The Humanities was established in 1927 in Lahore and it shifted to Bikrampura, Jalandhar in 1948 after partition (1947). The present building was inaugurated by Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan in 1957.


B.A. / B.Sc. (Economics)


BPES (Bachelor of Physical Edu. & Sports)


B.A / B.Sc. with Vocational Subjects

• Computer Application

• Journalism & Mass Communication

• Fashion Designing & Garment Construction

• Cosmetology

• Mass Communication & Video Production


B.A. with Hons.

• English

• Hindi

• Economics

• Political Science

• Psychology

Postgraduate Level

• MA

• English

• Punjabi

• Hindi

• Political Science

• Journalism & Mass Comm.


PGDiplomas (After Graduation)

• Diploma in Counselling



(Certified Courses in)

• Personality Development

• Verbal Ability

• Soft Skills

• Fashion Designing

• Clerical/Bank PO Training

• Pre placement course

• Beauty and wellness


·   Creative Black Country UK

·   Photography Project

·   Beenu Rajput Films

· for Readers Club


• 1st University Positions:10

• 2nd University Positions:06

• 3rd University Positions:08

• Up till 10th University Positions:31

• 1st Divisions:239


• Teaching

• Higher Education & Research

• Theatre

• Creative Writing

• Media (Electronic & Print)

• Civil Services



The Sanskrit department was established in 1948. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. It is one of the ancient languages of India. Vedas, Upanishads, Brahmin Granths etc were composed in Sanskrit Holy books like Ramayana, Geeta, Mahabharata, Puranas are written in Sanskrit. This language should be preserved so that coming generation should not forget it.



Department of Punjabi has been upgraded from UG to PG as from 2017-18, MA Punjabi has been started  

Punjabi Department of HMV, Jalandhar was established in 1948. For the promotion and development of Punjabi Culture, Heritage Centre is established in Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar.  This centre is named as ‘Sada Virsa Sada Maan’.  Traditional Punjabi Utensils, Phulkaris, embroided bed sheets, Hand Fans, Wooden Sandook (Almirah), Traditional bed, Statues and many more other items are displayed in this centre. Significantly to keep alive the Punjabi culture various festivals of Punjabi culture are celebrated from time to time like ‘Tian Da Mela’ and ‘Lohri’.

To celebrate ‘International Mother Tongue’ Day, Punjabi Department organizes Punjabi Mother Tongue Week’ to make students aware of the value of their mother tongue.  During this week department organizes Declamation, Essay Writing and Story Writing Competitions.  The Students of Punjabi Department participates in a Road Rally to spread awareness among people about the importance of Mother Tongue which is organised by Punjabi Jagriti Manch every year in the month of February.

Punjabi Sahit Sabha of Punjabi Department is working for the development of Punjabi Language and Punjabi Literature.

To enhance the interest of the students in Punjabi Language and literature, educational tours have been organized from time to time in the last three years.


Hindi Department has been serving as a platform for the spread of National language since 1948 and has also been providing the opportunity to the students to attain degree in honours since 1968.  To provide further chances for building a bright future in Hindi, the department has been offering M.A. Hindi since 1954.  The dept. celebrates the birth anniversaries of renowned Hindi poets/ writers. To widen the horizons of the students, Hindi Sahitya Parishad organizes various extension lectures and seminars from time to time.  Every year, in the month of September 'Hindi Diwas' is celebrated by organizing a variety of competitions.   


The English department, one of the oldest departments of HMV,  it was established in 1948. English is taught in the campus at all levels –UG, PG and Communication Skills in the professional courses. There are 15 faculty members in the department who have specific specializations in their respective fields. All of them are well qualified, talented and creative in their own way. Our department offers its services to the other departments of the college.

The department has the distinction of organizing first International Conference In 2012. The department also organized the first ever International Poetry film festival. Throughout the year the department keeps organizing guest lectures and other interactive activities.

The subject society THE BUDDING BRONTES’ organizes extension lectures, inter-class competitions in poetry, dramatics, declamations, workshops in creative writing.



The department of Mass Communication and Video Production was established in the year 2002. The courses provide immense career opportunities such as: Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Broadcast Journalism (Radio and T.V.) and Video Production. Journalism is concerned with collection and dissemination of news through print media as well as electronic media. It includes various areas of works like reporting, writing, editing, photography, broadcasting, etc.

In Print media, one can work as editor, reporter, columnist, correspondent, free lancer. In electronic media, one has the opportunity to work as radio presenter, researcher, script writer, TV anchor, reporter, editor or correspondent. The job of a journalist looks glamorous but at the same time it is challenging and responsible. Journalists specialize in different areas such as politics, finance, culture, sports, crime, education and health.

Career in the field of journalism or video production is a prestigious as well as highly paid one. A graduate in this field can find a good job in newspapers, magazines, websites, All India Radio, Doordarshan, TV channels, Photography, Advertising companies, etc.


History department of this College was established in the year 1948. The department offers History as an elective subject at undergraduate level. The department organizes various activities round the year. Quiz competitions, celebration of various important days and semirans are regularly organized.


Department of Political Science of this esteemed institution has been established in 1948 with UG classes, Postgraduate classes were started in 1969 and Hons. at UG level in 1979. Time to time Pol. Sc. department  organizes National Seminars and Workshops.



Economics Department was established in 1948. Department runs the following courses:-Economics and Quantitative Techniques as an Elective subject at Graduation level,  B.Sc.(Economics) and Economics (Honours) in B.A./B.Sc. (Economics). During last five years department has Organised One-week Faculty Development Programme on ‘Advanced Techniques in Research’ from March 25-31, 2016 in collaboration with Mathematics Department. An Extension lecture by Prof Inder Sud, Ex-Director for the middle east, World bank, Prof of International Affairs, George Washington University and Duke University, U.S.A. on ‘Economic Policy Agenda for India’s learning from past, looking to future’ was organized on 4th Sept 2014. Department also organized ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on ‘Drug Epidemic in Punjab – Instigating Factors, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Programme’ on 6th February 2015 in collaboration with Psychology Department.


Psychology Department was established in 1981. The department offers psychology as a subject at under graduate level as well as offers Honours in Psychology at UG level. The department also offer Diploma in Counseling. The department has Tie ups and MOUs with following organisations:

- Tagore Hospital, Jalandhar

- Rebirth Hospital, Jalandhar

- Bolster Drug De-addiction Centre, Jalandhar

- Neil Psychiatric Hospital, Jalandhar

- Holistic Healings, Jalandhar

- PAP DAV School, Jalandhar

- Dayanand Model School, Jalandhar

Students of the department are well placed as Counselors, Clinical Psychologists, Assistant Professors at reputed Psychiatric Hospitals, Drug-de addiction centres, colleges and schools at Local, National and International level – Canada, America and Australia.


The Department of Home Science in Hans Raj   Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar was established in the year 1961. At present, under UG program we are offering B.A. with Fashion Designing and Garment Construction and an Add-on course in Aviation, Catering, and Hospitality. The department organizes stalls and exhibitions in which students show their expertise in various skills every year to celebrate festivals like Diwali, Rakshabandhan etc.


The Department runs UG courses as well as add on courses. The department has a rich infrastructure in the form of a well equipped modern Salon with all the facilities and support.



Sociology department of this College was established in the year 1998. Sociology as a subject is being offered to SSC I, SSC II and undergraduate classes.
This department is having its own Book bank from where we issue books of Sociology to the needy students.
This Department also runs a Society "MHR Samvedna Samiti" works for the under privileged section of the Society



Physical Education & Sports Department was established in 1980.  The department offers Physical education as one of the subjects at UG level. Besides this,we have total 37 Games.  There are 37 Coaches for various games.  We won GNDU overall general sports championship trophy for a total number of 22 times which is the highest among men and women institutions from 1977 to 1986, 1999 to 2000 and 2011 to 2016.  We have won GNDU overall general sports 1st runners up trophy from 2012-13 to 2014-15 and we also won GNDU overall general sports 2nd runners-up trophy 2015-16.

HMV possesses sufficient arrangement for various Sports Games, Vast Playground and rich sports Infrastructure.  Our college is called Nursery of International and National Players.


The Sciences were established in 1970, in HMV Campus. The Departments have been selected under Star Scheme by DBT, Government of India and PG departments are FIST sponsored.


B.Sc. (Med./Non-Med. )

B.Sc. (Biotechnology)

B.Sc. (Med. with Biotechnology)

B.Sc. (Med./Non Med. With Bioinformatics)

B.Sc. (Computer Science)

Postgraduate Level

M.Sc. (Botany)

M.Sc. (Bioinformatics)

M.Sc. (Chemistry)

M.Sc. (Mathematics)



(Certified Courses in)

• Personality Development

• Verbal Ability

• Soft Skills

• Pre placement course


·   BR Ambedkar National Institute of

·   Technology , Jalandhar

·   Bioclues Organization

·   KVM


·   Rajendra Mehta, Professor Emeritus from

Illinois Institute of Technology and IIT

Research Institute, chicago

·   Vigyan Prasar Network under

Department of Science and Technology , Govt. Of India

·   I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University ,Kapurthala


• 1st University Positions:11

• 2nd University Positions:09

• 3rd University Positions:09

• Up till 10th University Positions:19

• 1st Divisions:454


• Researchers in Research & Development Organizations.

• Scientists in Govt. Research Institutes.

• Environment Engineers

• Environmentalists

• Microbiologists in Pathology Labs/ Biochemists in Hospitals/Research Organizations.

• Green Auditors

• Teaching

• Landscaping Entrepreneurs

• Horticulturists

• Floriculturist

• Pest Control Entrepreneurs



The Department of Physics was established in the year 1970 and since then it has continued the tradition of excellence and has become STAR department of HMV. It has well equipped and well organized labs. The department has rich blend of seasoned and young faculty. This leading department of HMV is well known for its strength in graduate level education and in promoting research. Students of this department have gone to The premier institutions/establishments of India for higher education and placements,
National conference: National conference on the topic ‘Intelligent materials: Future Promise for Science and Technology Development ’coming up in March, 2017.The department has  Collaborations with Physics Department, GNDU, Amritsar and a National level collaboration with Vigyan Prasar Network (VIPNET) under department of Science and Technology, Govt of India.


The Department of Chemistry, established in 1970 offers core courses in chemistry for undergraduate students of B.Sc.(Medical), B.Sc.(Non Medical), B.Sc.(Computer Science) B.Sc.(Biotechnology) and B.Sc.(Bioinformatics) with major thrust is in the areas of Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopy.

The Faculty of Department is well qualified and motivating with a strong commitment for teaching and research. The Faculty members have many publications in high impact and high quality journals.

The Department aims to promote the research skills among the undergraduate students hence various research projects are carried out by the faculty with the students to enhance hands on experiment skills and Innovative thinking.

The department runs an add-on course in “Environment protection” to inculcate the spirit of sustainable development in youth.

Department has four Analytical and one Instrumental laboratories which are well equipped with all the required facilities required for effective curriculum delivery and Research enhancement.

The department offers vibrant atmosphere to students to nurture the spirit of scientific inquiry by organizing various national conferences, workshops and seminars.


Department of mathematics has been upgraded from UG to PG, now the department offers MSc Mathematics as well.

The department of Mathematics was established in 1948. International and National conferences/ seminars organized during last five years:

  • RMS- sponsored One day Teacher’s Enrichment Workshop ‘TEW’- 18 April, 2015
  • International/ National Body Academy tie ups and MOU’s:  Collaboration with Ramanujan Mathematical Society
  • One day Teacher’s Enrichment Workshop ‘TEW’ on April18, 2015


Established in 1970 with prep and pre classes, degree classes started in 1972, while M.Sc botany started in 2003. Infrastructure of Botany department is exceptionally good with 4 Laboratories, enriched Botanical garden with rare species (Ginkgo biloba, Gulmar Rudraksh, Stevia), Herbarium and well equipped Tissue culture lab. Excellent Results with consecutive top positions in M.Sc ever since P.G started. Research Facilities for top students in Research centre equipped with latest equipments like PCR, Gel doc, Ultra microtome etc. Well –qualified faculty working on major and minor research projects sponsored by UGC. Extra–curricular activities like tours, workshops, seminars, field visits, Industrial and institutional visits. Counseling of students and guidance for placements in various institutes of National and International reputation, in academics and Industry. Prize winners in Quiz, Debates, Declamations, Poster, Skits in various science fest and conferences organized in different institutes. Students pursuing research, doing M Phil,PhD in top universities(like GNDU PU,DU,PAU,Central university Bathinda)after completion of their post graduation from department, and also doing jobs in various colleges and schools.

Tie-up with---DAV Pharmacy, Organic Farm.


The Department of Zoology was established in 1970. Presently Dept. is having four faculty members. The Dept. is having two modern labs with latest infrastructure. The museum of the Dept. is having about 250 specimens. The Dept. library has approx. 300 books. Zoology being a live Dept. regularly spreads awareness among students regarding various diseases. Film shows/ awareness campaigns/ workshops/ exhibitions are arranged from time to time to educate students.

The Department runs B. Sc (Medical) and B. Sc Medical with Bioinformatics and Biotechnology as vocational subjects. Dept. has M.O.U with NRDDL (Northern Region Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. Students of the Dept. frequently visit the lab for different diagnostic techniques culturing and histopathological techniques. The scientists from NRDDL also visit the college to give seminars/live demonstrations on latest topics related to zoology.


The Department of Biotechnology was established in the year 2004.since, and then the department is actively engaged in organizing different activities like normal seminars, industrial visits, workshops for its students so as to update their knowledge and skills. Summer trainings for the students are very well organized at various institutes of national and international reputes like IMTECH, Chandigarh, BISR, Jaipur etc. which helps them for their future placements.  Being a research based subject students of the department are also encouraged to involve in the different minor research projects so as to inculcate the seed of research among them. As a result of all these activities undertaken by the department, students got placements in different biotechnology based industries like panacea biotech, Baddi (H.P), Ranbaxy, Mohali (Punjab).As well as outside the country like Canada, U.S.A, etc.


DST- FIST sponsored Post Graduate Department of Bioinformatics was established in 2006 with the help of UGC Innovative Grant. Since its establishment, the department has been offering Graduate and Post Graduate courses in Bioinformatics. Moreover, UGC sponsored Add-on Courses in the subject of Bioinformatics was also started from the session 2007-08. Recently, in the year 2012, the Department received DST-FIST Grant along with the PG Department of Botany. The department aims to spread knowledge and awareness about Bioinformatics, apart from creating professionals in this stream. The department is the only department in this region offering M. Sc. in Bioinformatics.

International & National Linkages: -

  • Australian Genome Research Facility, Australia
  • Victorian Life Sciences Computation, Australia
  • Theoretical Chemistry Lab, Department of Chemistry, GNDU, Amritsar
  • Department of Botanical and Environmental Sciences, GNDU, Amritsar
  • Department of Biotechnology, GNDU, Amritsar
  • Member of the National Network of Mathematical and Computational Biology (NNMCB), funded by Science and Engineering Research Board, Government of India. The primary goal of this network is to promote research activities and provide training in mathematical and computational biology throughout India.


The Commerce was established in 1983 and upgraded as Post-Graduate Department in the year 2000. The block is dedicated to Km. Vidyawati Anand, former Principal of the College.


·    BBA

·    B.Com

·    B.Com (Honours)

·   M.Com.



(Certified Courses in)

• Tally

• Equity


• Mutual Fund Investment

• Pre placement

• Verbal Ability

• Personality Development


·   UCO Bank

·   Reliance Money

·   FLIP

·   Cooperative Bank

·   Union Bank of India

·   Punjab National Bank

·   UTI Mutual Fund

·   Ludhiana Stock & Capital Ltd.

·   ICICI Securities Ltd.

·   Birla Sunlife Insurance Company


• 1st University Positions:15

• 2nd University Positions:12

• 3rd University Positions:16

• Up till 10th University Positions:23

• 1st Divisions:514


• Banker

• Entrepreneur

• Teacher

• Financial Advisor

• Project Manager

• Security Analyst

• Company Law Assistant

• Internal Auditor

• Marketing Research

• Public & Private Sector

• Joint Stock Exchange


The Department of Commerce was established in the year 1983 with 60 students. Since then it has never looked back. Presently the Department has on its roll nearly 1400 students in various courses. It was upgraded as PG Department of Commerce and Business Management in the year 2000. It is offering number of academic programmes such as B.Com (Pass Course), B.Com (Hons), B. Com (Prof.), BBA, M.Com, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management to cater to the varied needs of students. With an objective of providing vocational education to the students, the department has ventured into B.Voc (Banking and Financial Services) in the year 2014-15 whereby the students are exposed to the practicalities of the real world situations confronting the area of banking and financial services. The department has industry tie ups with some of the very reputed institutions such as UCO Bank, Cooperative Bank, FLIP (Fin initiative Learning India private Limited), ICICI Securities Limited, Union Bank of India, Skill India Limited. Besides this, the research papers of the faculty have been published in journals of international repute.


The Computer Science was established in the year 1990 as undergraduate department and upgraded as Post Graduate Department in 2002 with the objective of producing IT professionals of International standards.


·    BCA

·    B.Sc. (IT)

·    DCA

·    M.Sc. (C.Sc.)

·    M.Sc. (IT)

·    PGDCA


(Certified Courses in)

• Python

• Hadoop

• Angular JS

• Soft Skills

• LaraVel

• Ionic

• Agile


·   Walkwel Technology

·   NIIT

·   Telocrats Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

·   Sapphire

·   Creative Ideas

·   News Number

·   Impact Studio


• 1st University Positions:05

• 2nd University Positions:04

• 3rd University Positions:01

• Up till 10th University Positions:13

• 1st Divisions:138


• Computer System Analyst

• Software Developer

• Programmer

• Web Designer

• IT Manager/IT Consultant

• Network Administrator

• Teaching


The Department of Computer Science & IT is one of the youngest constituent units of the faculty of Natural Sciences. It was established in the year1990 as UG Department and 2002 as PG department with the objective of producing IT professionals of International Standard and to fulfill primary requirements of booming IT industry and develop researchers.

The department has modern air-conditioned computing labs, an air-conditioned seminar room, and a departmental library. The department has also one air-conditioned project laboratory for project developers in the department. The whole department is connected through LAN in order to provide modern teaching and learning environment and fast access to the Internet. In addition, the department has Wi-Fi connectivity. The LAN caters to many important computing needs of the department such as compilers of the popular programming languages, RDBMS software (Oracle, SQL server), communication facility and Internet facility. All the labs, the seminar rooms and office are connected through LAN.


The Department of Music came in to being in 1948 and Mahatma Anand Swami Block of Performing Arts was established on 18th November 2016 by Dr. Punam Suri, Padma Shree Awardee, President, DAVCMC, New Delhi.


·    B. Design (Multimedia)

·    BD (Bachelor of Design)

·    BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

·   M.A. (Music Vocal)

·   M.A. (Music Instrumental)


(Certified Courses in)

• Pre placement

• Verbal Ability

• Personality Development

• Soft Skills


·   Creative Vision

·   Nimble T echnocrats

·   VP Life Style

·   Vision Beyond


• 1st University Positions:10

• 2nd University Positions:08

• 3rd University Positions:04

• Up till 10th University Positions:20

• 1st Divisions:121


• Animator/Creative Artist

• VFX Artist

• Creative Designer

• Graphic Artist

• Video Editor

• Designer at Export houses

• Building & Design Consultant

• Art Director/Instructor



Bachelor of design is a four year degree course (8 semesters) established in 2011 with three specializations Textile Design, Interior Design and Fashion design. The course enhances the students aesthetically as well as technologically strong in the world of design. The department frequently holds demonstrations, workshops, seminars, market surveys, museum visits, lectures, industrial visits, internships, etc to provide better understanding of the subject by renowned designers, craftsmen’s, artists and professionals. Students of the department are well placed in renowned design houses and in various universities for higher studies.


We live in a highly mediated world where messages are embedded in all forms of information. How does one make sense of the tangled web of media, culture and language? Multimedia provides the tools necessary for finding answers to that question and the skills to create new media. The creative and innovative vision of the college administration led to the establishment of the department of Multimedia , the department has carved a niche for itself in the happening world of creation, animation and innovation by providing excellent training opportunities to the girl students. It is also about in-depth knowledge of computer, use of Multimedia applications, Multimedia programming and 2D/3D Animation in detail. The Multimedia undergraduate qualification prepares a student for work in the digital media industry as a creator of content with focus on the convergence of text, video, sound, graphics and animation. Starting from a generalized approach, students gradually move towards specializations in two-dimensional and three dimensional animation or interactive media design including website development and digital video post-production. In each of these areas, students will gain design skills, technical skills and develop their creative abilities.

The department of multimedia has extended a course termed as Bachelors of Vocational in Web Technology that is basically a skill specialized graduation level program that will allow the students to gain employment based education. The B.Voc programme is UGC approved and supported by Ministry of HRD, India.

Keeping in mind the objective of B.Vocational program the curriculum of the specialization named WEB TECHNOLOGY AND MULTIMEDIA has been designed after thorough discussion and meetings with industry professional and faculty members to combine higher education with industry skills. The prevalent industry gaps are recognized and the solutions to overcome them are framed in form of the syllabus spread over the span of three years .The industry standard tools are incorporated with addition to general subjects to enhance the overall persona of the student . The curriculum design is planned to transform a fresher into mind level industry ready individual or an entrepreneur who has an edge over existing professionals of the same field. So that after the completion of first year the students are awarded with the Certificate, after the completion of second year the students are awarded with the Diploma and the students completing the all three year course will be awarded with the Graduation degree.


Fine Arts, a premium Department of Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalya, Jalandhar was established in 1961. It continues to compete and exceed the standards of quality. It offers vocation oriented education blended with formal and innovative education system like Drawing and painting for SSC I/II, Fine arts as Elective subject in BA (Humanities), Foundation years in BD and BMM, Add-on courses like Applied Design and Interior Decoration. In the year 2013, we introduced a new four years degree course BFA (Drawing and painting). With eyes on meaningful educational reforms and clinging to quality in word and deed, the department marches ahead in academics, cultural activities and various levels of youth festivals and competitions.

An excellent infrastructure for the students provides creative environment which helps in blossoming the talent of students. Regular departmental activities like Art workshops, outdoor activities are organized to boost the creative impulse of the students. They get knowledge about different textures, techniques and color mediums which further help them to improve and enhance their inner abilities.

Seminars by renowned Artists and Art historians are organized so that students get knowledge about the vast and deep rooted Art history of the world. They are encouraged by the enthusiasm and love of old masters towards art and its possibilities. Thus the students are introduced into the world of art where they try to follow the footprints of old masters as well as leaving their own on the vast unending shore of art.


Established in 1948 with UG classes. Sh. Balwant Rai Jaswal ‘PARAS’ (an eminent musician of Indian music) was the founder teacher.PG Department established in 1965, Honours course was started in 1980. It has been the tradition and feature of the department to pay one-to-one basis attention in order to polish the students according to natural aptitude. The students produced by the department have got placements in schools, colleges and universities. The students are also performing artists of A.I.R and Doordarshan. The department is associated with Harivallabh Sangeet Mahasabha and SPICMACAY.The department has 7 faculty members at present under the headship of Dr. Prem Sagar. The vision of the department is to pay one-to –one need based guidance to shape the latent talent of the students


This is a Post Graduate Department, engaged in training students and encouraging their creativity. The potential of the students is recognized at the under-graduate level and encouraged for stage performances and participation in competitions in the higher classes. The students are trained for a career as a radio and television artist. Our department with the collaboration of National and International bodies i.e.Spic Macay, Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Maha Sabha, Sangeet Sankalp etc participate in the musical performances every year. Dr. Jyoti Mittu is the Life members and Joint Secretaries/ Incharges of Music Competitions under the aegis of Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Mahasabha, The National Body. Faculty is associated with Umak, Sankalp, K.L. Saigal Sangeet Sabha Jalandhar and National Music Bodies also.


Dance department was established in 1999. The department offers Indian Classical Dance as a subject at Under graduate level. Besides this, the department also conducts hobby classes in various other dance forms from classical, regional, to western forms.

Professionals are also invited by the department from time to time to bring the students face to face with the maestros. Students of this department participate in ever function of the college.


Skill development centre was established in 2009, with the vision of creating qualified empowered women entrepreneurs for promotion of small scale and cottage industry .


·    B.Sc. (Fashion Designing)


·    M.Sc. Fashion Designing & Merchandising


·    B.Voc.

Web Technology & Multimedia

Banking & Financial Services

Nutrition, Exercise & Health

Fashion Technology

·    Diploma

Journalism & Media



·    PG Diploma

Cyber Law & Information Security

Garment Construction & Fashion Designing



·    Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing


·    VTP


(Certified Courses in)

• Verbal Ability

• Fashion Designing &

Personality Development

• Beauty & Wellness

• Soft Skills


·   Walkwel Technology

·   NIIT

·   Telocrats Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

·   Tungsten Fashions

·   Attrex Clothing

·   Saachi Processor Pvt. Ltd.


• 1st University Positions:15

• 2nd University Positions:12

• 3rd University Positions:11

• Up till 10th University Positions:10

• 1st Divisions:177


• Self Employed

• Fashion Merchandiser

• Dress Designer

• Professional Photographer

• Cosmetologist

• Financial Planner/Analyst

• Web Designer/Developer/Programmer

• E-Content Developer

• Multimedia Support Specialist

• Front-end Web Developer


Fashion Designing is the latest addition in the field of creativity, which started with Diploma in dress designing and tailoring in year 1988. At present under UG program the department is offering B.Sc. Fashion Designing and Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing. The department offers M. Sc. Fashion Designing & Merchandising and PG- Diploma in Garment Construction and Fashion Designing. Two national level seminars were organized, in year 2012 and 2015. We have more than 10 tie ups with top entrepreneurs of Punjab. Students are motivated with regular visits, seminars and workshops from professionals of these entrepreneurs.

Fashion Design is the applied art devoted to the designing of clothing and lifestyle accessories. It is one of the most lucrative, appealing and exciting career options in today’s world. Fashion Design education is introduced to students through subjects like Fashion Illustration and Design, Fashion Studies, Surface Development Techniques etc, Draping, Stitching etc.This industry offers plenty of opportunities for talented, hard working and enthusiastic people. Prospects for fashion design graduates are plenty. After successful completion of the course, they can remain self employed. Alternatively, several export houses, garment store chains, textile mills, leather companies, boutiques, fashion show organizers and media houses recruit professionals interested in a career in fashion designing. Hence any individual pursuing a career in this field can reap rewards both monetary and creative.